Sunday, November 30, 2008

Share Your Tech Insurance Companies

I just renewed my MacBook Pro’s policy with Safeware. I have all my big ticket tech items insured… so when they drop I can shout a loud “Yes!” instead of a horrifying, life-shortening scream.

Family accuses insurance company of causing teen's death

NBC News Transcripts December 22, 2007 Saturday SHOW: Saturday Today 7:00 AM EST NBC ANCHORS: AMY ROBACH, LESTER HOLT REPORTERS: PETER ALEXANDER AMY ROBACH, co-host: And now to a family mourning the loss of their teenage daughter and ...

Premiums on Car Insurance Policy

The insurance companies' factor in age, gender, vehicle performance, driving history and region where you live when considering coverage and insurance costs, including premiums: Following the analysis, the agent will calculate the ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008 a New Website for Online Insurance Quotes, Information

The website is designed to help insurance buyers find local insurance providers and choose a policy according to their insurance needs.

Insurance is a Product

One argument that I am starting to hear more frequently is beginning to irk me. Well, I suppose it's less of an argument than a point of view, really.

It's about time: Doctors starting to drop insurance

Pay physicians peanuts, they will stop accepting insurance. Watch what's happening in California. Stand up and applaud these physicians who have taken a stand and dropped insurance plans.

The car insurance saga!

Every time we try to purchase a car one of the things that we should be on the look out for is the car insurance. To make sure that we have the right insurance for our car is very important.